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A thoughtful approach to mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing


Deep Thinking + Seeking 

Pairing facts with intuition to create startling new insights and ideas which explore the depths of your mind. This is an essential first step in shifting from past habits to new potentials.


Exploration + Equilibrium  

Exploring the issues impacting you while filling in any gaps to re-establish your sense of harmony. This step sheds light on that which is creating unseen tension, and through this establishes new depths of awareness.


Birds Eye View 

Bringing you to a heightened state of awareness which allows you to experience life from a new perspective. Step 3 removes you from the fog and shows you that which is ahead that you have not been able to see clearly.

​​Aside from the amazing revelations I experienced during my Akashic reading, not to mention the positive transformations in my life which followed, spending time with Jessi is like sharing a cup of tea with an angel. She has such a warm and authentic presence whereby her capacity to hold space for her client's experience has no bounds. I left that session having had such a deep emotional cleanse and newfound sense of clarity that lives in me still. This inner shift has transformed my life in immeasurable ways both internally and externally. I will forever be grateful, both for Jessi who provided me with this transformative experience and to myself for booking that appointment with her xo.

- Lee Ann C

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