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Akashic Record Readings


The Akashic Record Readings bring you to a heightened state of consciousness and awareness where Ego does not exist. The Akashic Records provide insightful answers to your life's most pressing questions, assisting you in releasing blocks and doubts, moving on from hurtful situations and uncovering your Gift of Purpose. Gain clarity and understanding in this form of Spiritual Coaching.

Soul Realignment

Soul Realignments are a reintegration process of the body, mind and spirit. When life becomes chaotic and one is not listening to their intuition they can oftentimes experience separations from their Soul's essence and become uncertain of how to bring everything back into alignment. If you ever feel like you're not where you should be or are off track somehow, these sessions are perfect for you. They will lead to a heightened sense of clarity and understanding of your life's purpose and help you to feel back on track again.


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