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Akashic Records: Frequently Asked Questions

The Akashic Records are another term for Superconscious. The term Akashic comes from the Sanskrit word Akasha, and in Hindu terminology the word means Ether. The Akashic Records are said to be an Ether of sorts, containing all knowledge related to the individual who's records are being opened. Opening the Akashic Records is a link to receiving advice from the version of yourself that is fearless and certain. This information comes through without forms of judgement or concern and can help to make decisions about life by receiving advice that is of a Higher state of mind. 

The information is heartfelt, honest, pure, loving and beautiful. It can help to make decisions about life events and assist in releasing looped thought patterns or give you the push you need to remove yourself from situations that have you feeling stuck. 

Can you do readings by phone or video call?

Yes, absolutely! Although I prefer to host readings in person as these sessions are often times emotional so I love being there for support. However, if you are not in the local area over the phone or video call is the next best thing. As well as emotional, these sessions can be tiring and being in the comfort of home when the session is over is an added bonus.  

Please note I encourage In Person Sessions, especially for the first time. If you cannot make the session in person we will chat beforehand to make sure you feel comfortable with a session over the phone or video call. 

*Past Life Regression Sessions must always be done in person.

What can I expect my Akashic Record reading to be like?

Readings have a way of taking off in their own direction, especially when the Akashic Records are opened. Often times Guides or Loved Ones come with messages instantly and these messages speak to the most pressing topics at hand for the soul. Once the initial message has come through you are free to ask questions that are relevant to the information you received or your life in general. Please phrase questions as What, Why, and How.

Examples of questions are: 

  • What is a particular relationship in my life trying to teach me? 

  • How can I best respond to this situation in order to achieve the best outcome for all involved?

  • What is my soul trying to learn in this lifetime that I have missed in previous lives? 

  • What is right in front of me that I seem to be missing?

  • What is the temperament of my soul?*

  • What can my soul tolerate/what can my soul not tolerate?*

  • What contributes to my soul health/what breaks my soul health down?*

  • How do my behaviours and activities affect my soul?* 

The Questions with * beside them are questions directly from The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav 

If you are coming to a session to connect with a Loved One who has passed away, these sessions are more often than not lead by yourself and the Loved One at hand. You can have direct communication as well as ask questions or receive information from them. These sessions can be extremely emotional, yet uplifting and beautiful. Only you will know how to enter into this session and what information or questions will help you through their passing.

Allow your heart to guide you.

Please note that in all session types, only information relevant to yourself will be provided. If you are looking to obtain information that will best be learned through life experience that has yet to happen, the information will not be provided. 

How long does each Akashic Record reading take?

It depends on the session at hand. The Akashic Record Readings typically last 3 hours, however they can go for as long as you would like. It is important to note that time does not seem to exist in these readings. A 3 hour session can feel as fast as 30 minutes, so it's best to allow as much time as possible. If you would like to limit your session time due to financial reasons, please let me know ahead of time and I will assist in directing the session for that timeframe. Otherwise, the sessions take on a life of their own and end according to the information shared and what the soul can withstand. 

**Please note: These sessions are exciting and also tiring! It is very important to drink lots of water and consume nourishing foods before and after the session. Rest is very important as well, and feelings of heightened senses, laughter, yawning and fatigue are all normal! These sessions create a very natural "High" and it is encouraged to go with the flow of this high as much as possible after the reading.

These sessions cannot take place with Alcohol or Drugs in the system. Please avoid them for 24 hours before the session, however the longer they are out of your system the better the reading will be. It is a frequency thing, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.



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