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Pay It Forward

Paying it forward is not only a way to show kindness towards another, but it is a beautiful way to move forward as a society. 

Image by Annie Spratt

 This program is based around the exchange of energy. Perhaps you or someone you know offers a similar type of work and would like to trade a session. Or perhaps there is a kindness you can do for someone else as opposed to exchanging a session back to myself. The idea behind this program is to get us used to offering our creative services up to each other in exchange for something other than money. Whether it ends up being an exchange of services or a pay it forward, I am open to removing money from the equation. I hope this will encourage us to honour each other for what we can offer from the kindness of our own hearts. 

If you would like to go fast, go alone.

If you would like to go far, go together. 

We can all decide how we wish to progress the development of the planet and in hopes of progressing in a way where we allow our kindness and creative energies to be brought to the forefront, I believe paying it forward it a great place to start. 

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