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Sending Compassionate Energy

- "The more we begin to understand with compassion the journey that another being is on, the more we will truly understand that we are all walking a very similar path." -

Graffiti reading 'wherever you are, whatever you do, be in love'

There comes a time in our life when we realize that in order to move forward we must move forward together and not as separate beings. What is best for our neighbour truly is best for us and when we share and show compassion for another we share and show the same compassion for ourselves.


When we have an argument or a misunderstanding the best way to move forward is to send love and compassion to the other person and trust that they will feel it. Although we might not know how, when compassion is sent it is always received. It is felt within the other person and not only does this change the situation, it has a way of changing the others persons day as well. It has a way of moving and progressing circumstances by propelling more useful energy in the individual and less harm and disregard for the lives of others. Their hearts swell and something comes over them that they can’t quite explain. 

Any time you feel the nagging sensation to think thoughts that do not benefit you or the situation at hand, consciously choose to send a loving and compassionate energy instead. Send something so loving and so compassionate that the other being can’t help but be drawn into the magnetizing and uplifting feelings and sensations that come along with the love being sent their way. These small acts will catapult the world to a better and more beautiful way of being, behaving, feeling and understanding. 

We must learn to think in terms of the group and of the whole instead of the individual and the ego. We must learn to create a world of understanding amongst each other and the best and brightest way for this to happen is to start on small scale levels and send love to another human being when it seems like we need that love the most. To simply understand this is an undertaking of great levels and greater strengths than anger. It is easy to be angry in situations when we feel the other person does not deserve compassion or does not deserve happiness due to the way they may have treated us or made another feel. It is easy to look and say things that are of lower level emotions but it is not easy to rise above this and send something loving and compassionate instead.

It is a fun journey to be on when you get to the point where you can brush something off so quickly and simply send something kindhearted instead. This magnetizes the energy field in ways that are hard to imagine but can be felt just the same. It shows that the soul has truly surpassed a level of great harm to themselves when they can uplift and send compassion someone else’s way instead of a bitter anger, frustration, mistrust or disrespect.


When we look back on our actions and realize we could have acted differently it helps us to remember how to act the next time. Sometimes this is a hard lesson to learn and it is in the moments when we realize how we should have acted that we must give ourselves the most compassion. We must recognize that on this journey of sending others compassion, it is equally as important to be sending this compassion to ourselves as well. 

Next time you need an energetic pick me up, send energy to someone else. When we want something, the best way to get it is to help someone else in getting what they want. It is a giving and receiving. The more it is done the easier it becomes and the more it can be felt. In this way humanity will survive the longest and thrive through compassionate acts exchanged between one another.

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